Anti-puncture strip Electric Fat-Bike 26” /27,5” Plus

Anti-puncture strips made of natural leather, for ELECTRIC, Fat-bike mountain bicycles. Tires up to 27,5” plus.

Sold in a blister pack which contains one unit.


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Made from high quality split cowhide in blue, our corporate color. The weight is around 330 grams, but it can vary since it is animal skin. It can also vary its structure with a width of 120 mm. and a skin thickness of 1,6 mm.

It must be placed between the tire and the tube, preferably with the logo facing the interior of the tire, since the fiber is more resistant from that side.
It can also get wet since it is tanned with TITANIUM, and reused in various tire changes, with no expiration date.

It should be inflated to proper pressure, according to the rider’s weight. Do not join both ends for an easy positioning, then overlap both ends once it has been placed inside the tire.

Do not attach both ends with adhesives. The process of creation of this skin is specific to achieve the best puncture-resistance and the lowest possible weight.